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  • Knee-Highs are designed for dynamic women who need the preventive action of elastic compression but don't want to compromise on style.

    This elegant product line features a true heel, an anti-shrink cuff, and extremely soft fabrics.
    This line offers two different compression levels (medium and strong) and is available in beige or black.

    • Strong compression level: 140 den - 15-21 mm/Hg at the ankle. Ideal for those suffering from the initial signs of ankle swelling and discomfort.
    This level of compression is also highly indicated in the case of the initial onset of varicose veins. The product's compression level supports and massages the leg, thus providing effective relief throughout the day. While this product line boasts an extremely elegant design, particular attention has also been
    dedicated to maximum elasticity, which is ensured through the use of a honeycomb fabric (net fabric). It is recommended to ask the advice of a physician prior to use.

    Composition: 79% polyamide, 21% elastane.

    These products are Medical Devices. Made in Italy.

    KNEE-HIGHS SOCKS S/M strong compression - beige

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