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LuxFill Plus is CE approved hyaluronic acid filler that provides natural facial volume. LuxFill has high viscoelasticity and long duration compared to existing other fillers. It is completely degraded within 48hours after injected. This indicates LuxFill minimizes side effect due to its high purity. LuxFill is a perfect monophasic product which manufactured by using special grinding machine, allowing smooth injection without breaking. Accordingly, soft, uniform gel type is easier to mold to achieve natural result.


HA content:24mg/ml , Volume:1.1mL, Lidocaine 0.3%
Purpose: Volumizing, Contouring

Application: Nasolabial Folds, Chin, Body contour
Duration: Over 12 months


NORDICLINE.SE är Exklusiv Distributör för Luxfill Fillers i Sverige.


499,00 kr Ordinarie pris
299,00 krReapris
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