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Antiembolism full length stocking with inspection hole adjustable top, ambidextrous

• Size: X-Large
• Length: 70-80 cm
• Compression mm/Hg 18-20 (at the ankle)

A line of stockings dedicated to prophylaxis of thromboembolism before, during, and after surgery.

Thanks to their descending graduated compression, these stockings represent an excellent means of preventing increased blood viscosity, which can lead to the formation of thrombus.

In order to guarantee a good fit and properly graduated compression, a great deal of attention has been dedicated to ensuring the high elasticity of the fabrics.

• Indications:
- a valid aid in preventing thromboembolisms linked to surgical interventions.
- treatments associated with post-traumatic therapies.
- bruises, sprains, and hydrostatic edemas

• Contraindications:
- localized dermatitis, erythema, necrosis
- stripping, pulmonary edema, grafts
- vascular disorders of cardiac origin
- legs of larger circumference

• Features:
- decreasing compression from the ankle to the thigh
- true anatomic heel
- extremely soft and elastic fabric, hypoallergenic (latex free)
- inspection opening on top of the foot

Composition: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane.
Multilanguage bag and instructions: GB, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE, GR, HU.
These products are Medical Devices.

FULL LENGTH STOCKINGS length 70-80 - X-large

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